bookmark_borderRobOntRadio Ep155 – The End

Whoa…. almost a decade after the fact, the gang decided to together to record one final episode of RoR…. And low and behold here it is… Really it was just to get in a practice show in before we start up again under a new name, that being The Chronically Oblivious Podcast. This episode is essentially a shit show, just like our first episode… and pretty well every one in between. We catch up, talk about some old times… because that’s what old men do and ummm ya… Here we are… For those of you that are still around to read this, and/or listen, thanks for sharing some time with us over the years, you guys were a big part of the show and in my case my life in the 2000’s…

Like I mentioned before, we are starting up a new version of the show, if you want to go along on that ride, well, the more then merrier, so you can find us on the site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once we get the first episode up next week I’ll add the relevant podcast links… Until then, thank you, goodnight, and eat a dick….

bookmark_borderRobOnt Radio Episode 154 – Hello Out There!

Well hello dare children! Do you know we did an episode waaaaaay back on May 9th and me being the lazy bastard I am, I never got around to posting it, until now that is. So I bet you’re wondering what the show was about… How the fuck am I supposed to remember it was 4 months ago!! Though I’m pretty sure Dan tells us how to get out of doing laundry.. And I think there’s a blow job story.. We probably ignore Paul, actually that’s a given, so like, ummm, listen and tell us what it’s all about! Wahoooooooo!

bookmark_borderRobOnt Radio Episode 153 – Blue Waffles

Happy New Year(s) fine people of the internetz… We are back to celebrate 5 years of sporadic shows Lots to discuss, and for the first time in a long time we’re ALL back for this episode.. with the webcam on.. staring at the Cleavland Cuck… And dreaming of blue waffles… and if you’re wondering what exactly those are feel free to look at the google image results. I would suspect you would probably much rather look at Maria Menounos’s labia though. I could go on and on trying to woo you with phrases like “Chicken Pox Ball Puss” and ummm errr ahhh… fuck I’m out of woo worthy phrases so I’m gonna tell you to listen anyway because I’m pretty sure it’s a good episode… Seemed that way to me anyway… feel free to let me know if you disagree… really… go right ahead and email me here and tell me what a douche I am… and listen already so I can stop typing this drivel….